Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Facebook happens to be the most popular social network on the planet at present. In fact, in excess of 2 billion users are using Facebook right now. Facebook marketing enables businesses to reach their audience, engage clients and also grow their business successfully. In the following paragraphs, we will throw some light on Facebook marketing tips for any small business.

1. Update the cover photo

The majority of the marketers tend to overlook the Facebook cover photo for self-promotion. However, your cover photo is going to function like a promotional billboard in case you are holding a contest or perhaps a giveaway.

2. Complete the about page

Frank Malone runs the marketing for this oil sampling company and multiple paving companies online and notes “It is vital to complete the about page of any business given that this is the page which your visitors are going to visit after making a Google search. Make it a point to include all the particulars regarding your website as well as your contact info on that particular page.”

3. Include a like button

Greg Jibbers runs a turkey certificates store and this waterfall taps e-commerce store online and notes “A Facebook like button on your site and blog will be able to redirect traffic to your Facebook page thus helping to transform the readers into your eventual clients. Consequently, it is important to make these individuals like your page.”

4. Post to pin

Make sure to pin a post to the top of the Facebook feed. After publishing a fresh post, launching any giveaway, or even answering a contest winner, do not forget to pin it to the top of the Facebook feed so that your customers are able to see it as your first post.

5. Facebook ads

Jill Dillard runs the marketing for this environmental drilling company and this universal socket set retailer and notes “It will be feasible to showcase your page to those individuals who are going to be interested in your product by just shelling out a few dollars. You can easily reach those targeted individuals within a short span of time by making use of Facebook ads. Moreover, it will also be possible for you to run a Facebook contest which will allow you to have fun with your followers as well.”

Hopefully, these above-mentioned tips have helped you immensely so far as improving your Facebook marketing techniques is concerned. However, similar to anything related to marketing, it takes some experimentation to get everything right for your audience.

3 Benefits of Having a Professional Web Design for Your Website

Having a website with professional web design is not only beneficial for your online business, but a necessary element if you want your business to stand out amongst your competition. This is something I learned when I launched the websites for these turf suppliers earlier this year. Sadly, most business owners neglect this essential part as they do not see any value in spending money to have a professionally built website that reflects their business acumen. Here are some thoughts by seo manchester and web design experts that you need to know.

1. Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

One of the main benefits of having a website with professional web design is it will boost your search engine ranking in the long run. When people are doing research online, searching for a specific service or business online, they are searching the key terms related to that service or business. Historically, they will visit the first couple of results generated by the search results.

Jaime Goldstein runs the website for numerous businesses including this hairdressers warrington business and this roll compactor equipment retailer and notes “If your website is not up-to-date and not containing specific information required to be indexed by the search engines, your website might be on page 4 or 5 rather than on the first page of the search results. Having a website with professional web design will not only give your higher standing in search engine results, but also give you the opportunity to gain new clientele.”

2. Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

Having a professionally built website allows you to stand out amongst your competition and challenge them. Continually working and updating your website with new content will put your competition one step behind. Greg Mason runs the website for this storage nottingham business and this beauty treatments Milton Keynes clinic and notes “When your competition began to realize the importance of having professionally built website, you will already be established in your niche and updating your website content to stay relevant in the business.”

3. Generate Even More Revenue

Claire Monroe runs a scented candles business and assisted living chicago service online and notes “Humans by nature are drawn to enticing things and this holds true even in world of web design. A professionally designed website will garner more attention and generate even more traffic than before to your website.”

People satisfied with your website will most likely refer their friends and family members to your website. More traffic means more sales and more sales mean more revenue to your business. Great web design along with intuitive website navigation leads to greater user experience, which will create a strong word of mouth for your business.